Mengejar Mas-Mas

Cover mengejar mas-mas

Situs resmi :


Sutradara : Rudy Soedjarwo
Penulis Skenario: Monty Tiwa
Pemeran : Dinna Olivia, Dwi Sasono, Poppy Sovia, Elmayana Sabrina

This movie is about a 17 years old girl name Shanaz become a adolescent rebels’s  since her father died. She didn’t get along with her mom become a peak when her mom decided to get marry again. She then decided to follow her sweetheart, Mica, to Yogyakarta, but Mica went to mountain climbing. In the middle of her uproar and without money, Shanaz was casted ashore in the corner of the city that evidently the Yogyakarta nest of the lower-class compound.

Ningsih who played by Dina Olivia,  who work as a prostitute and was sympathetic to Shanaz and decided that she can stay with her. Eventually Ningsih become a sister figure and also a mother figure that Shanaz had dream all this time. Shanaz also was acquainted with Parno (Dwi Sasono), a mixed busker the main point and the former sweetheart Ningsih.

Parno sincerity evidently melted the Shanaz heart. Secretly he was interested in Parno that was older 20 years from her.

Evidently Ningsih still keep and has feeling for Parno, in spite of that was so is Parno. When Mica picked up Shanaz to return to Jakarta, precisely Shanaz hesitant. What kind decision Shanaz made? Will she go to Jakarta with Mica or will she remain with Ningsih? Watch the movie to find out 🙂  This Indonesian movie is very funny.



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